About the boat

The Boat

Discover the Duffy Lifestyle! Elektra is delightfully different from your typical gas-powered boat rental.

​ The Duffy 22 Sun Cruiser was designed to enjoy the best of both worlds – inside and out. Comfortably cruise inside the spacious enclosed interior or step outside on the aft sun deck to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

The main salon is covered by a “surrey top” providing shade and feels like “a living room on the water”. It also has clear plexiglass windows that can be zipped open or zipped shut, providing warm shelter from wind or rain. For sun worshippers, there is a large aft sun deck with seating for 3-4 people and a large ice chest, (ice, soft drinks, juices, and bottled water included) with a padded seat. There is also a small refrigerator onboard, paper plates, cutlery, and napkins.

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Elegant & Enjoyable

Duffy Electric Boats put the pleasure back in pleasure boating. Their motto is “Unplug, Untie and Unwind”. Duffy Boats are eco-friendly and don’t emit any harmful emissions or pollute the local waterways. They are 100% electric and run entirely on battery power from 16 golf cart batteries located in the keel. Elektra is plugged in every night so her battery bank can be fully-recharged, then she is ready for adventure the next day for an average of 8 - 10 hours of carefree cruising.

Electric & Easy

One pleasant surprise is that the engine is nearly silent. So, you don’t have to yell over the drone of the engines or breathe noxious gas or diesel fumes. Elektra has a maximum speed of 6 mph, which also makes her safer to operate. Feel your stress melt away as you enjoy the scenery, chill-out, and listen to your favorite tunes on our blue-tooth enabled stereo.

At the end of your cruise, there’s no need to refill the gas tank (because there is no gas tank!) Just plug in the charging cord and you’re done, no added fuel expenses to worry about or time wasted at the fuel dock.

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